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To bae or not to bae
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Amiyah Scott

At first glance one would think this a very beautiful woman, with a beautiful features and body. Although this is now true this has not always been the case this woman who refers to as “King Amiyah ” was originally born a man. She is one of the most popular and well known transgender women among social networks. She is very open about her transformation and as well as the hate and countless stares she gets when she reveals that she actually is a transgender woman. In society today being transgender is looked down upon but it is still steadily becoming accepted. People have not yet come to terms with the fact that some people do not feel comfortable in their own skin and feel the need to change themselves. There have been several cases where members of society have attacked transgender people as well as killed them just because of the people they are and how uncomfortable they have become with the fact that they are different. 

Yeah except this description is entirely cisnormative and transphobic. This is a very beautiful woman upon first, second, third and any subsequent glances that may follow. One would “think” it and they would be correct. Also being transgender is about more than “being comfortable in your own skin & feeling the need to change yourself.” This is a reductive narrative coming from a cis person. Many transwomen do not consider themselves “born as men” and this is also important to note.

and all those vague terms are annoying af. “society”, “people”


Ga In on SNL 121215




Lupita Nyong’o Meets Her Beauty Icon, Alek Wek


omg im really FULL right now i feel like crying tbh.


I’d just like to give honor to this young lady for changing the game. You need to recognize that she inspired Elmo to perform this song and dance. ELMO! Elmo is like elementary school student’s Beyoncé!

Why do they give you a biography on black folk acting nutty on the evening news, but I don’t know this little girl’s name? Everybody knows this Vine, recreates this Vine, and/or mixes it into a trap beat. Someone needs to give this girl a trophy. Pay for her dance classes. Give her tickets to The Carter tour! KNOW HER! SHE IS LEGENDARY!


"why does tumblr hate straight people?" idk y does my mom want me to be straight y did i spend 16 years in a state of constant anxiety over my queerness why was i told i was going 2 hell since 6th grade y did my friends stop talking 2 me when i came out as bisexual but yeh lets worry about what a microblogging site thinks about straight ppl


Whitney (Naptural85) and her daughter Olivia. I love her channels & this baby is too cute!


Yum…. peaches and cream!